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Upgrade Your Gladiator with Rugged Bed Racks from Fishbone

Upgrade Your Gladiator with Rugged Bed Racks from Fishbone

Ah, the pickup truck. Is there anything more American? It is the most versatile of vehicles - ready for work or play at a moment’s notice. Jeep’s current pickup offering - the Gladiator - is one of the most popular trucks on the market (they can barely make enough of them), and for good reason. With powerful V6 and diesel engine options, excellent off-road chops, and all the utility that comes with having a pickup bed, the Gladiator ticks a lot of the right boxes. It’s also a great platform for adding key upgrades to level up your pickup experience, especially half- and full-tackle bed racks from Fishbone Offroad.

The Jeep Pickup - A Brief History

There have been some truly legendary pickups to wear the Jeep badge going all the way back to the 1940s with the original civilian Jeeps. The Willys-Overland 4x4 1-ton truck was one of the very first pickups in history to feature four wheel drive. But the innovation didn’t stop there. By far one of the raddest Jeeps ever to turn a wheel was the 1957-1966 Forward Control (FC). Rocking an earth-shaking 115 horsepower inline-six, the 1-ton FC-170 had a unique cab-over construction and four wheel drive (of course) for maximum capability and utility.

The truly classic Jeep pickup, however, was the J-Series. Produced from 1963 all the way until 1987, it survived in basically the same form through multiple corporate takeovers and near bankruptcy, and was the first Jeep pickup offered with a V8. Jeep sold a ton of these trucks, and you used to see them quite frequently, but most have sadly disappeared from the roadways now. Sprinkled throughout Jeep’s history were some other oddballs with truck beds, like the Jeepster Commando, and the CJ-8 Scrambler, but until the present, Jeep’s last large-scale pickup project was the XJ Cherokee-based Comanche. A unibody truck equipped with either the 2.5 liter four cylinder, or the legendary 4.0 six cylinder (and even a handful of Renault-sourced diesels), it was a solid lightweight off-road performer.


Unfortunately for Jeep fans, at the end of the Comanche’s production run in 1992, the manufacturer culled its product line of all pickup options. Even with some AEV and Mopar conversion kits available for JK Wranglers, realistically, we had to wait until 2020 for another Jeep pickup to hit the market: the Gladiator. Teased in 2018 as a 2020 model, with its classic Jeep lines and purposeful ride-height, the Gladiator was an instant hit well before the first one even rolled out of the factory. Pre-orders overwhelmed Jeep’s production capacity (remember, this was during the middle of the global pandemic, when supply chain issues throttled nearly every manufacturer), and Stellantis is still trying to catch up on production even in 2023.

Not just a Wrangler with a bed attached to it, the four-door JT Gladiator is a stand-alone model in its own right, and it does everything a pickup should do, and it does it well. With multiple trim levels available, and its standard 5-foot bed, the Gladiator offers what Jeep claims is a best-in-class available tow rating of 7700 pounds and a best-in-class payload rating of 1700 pounds. To add to the appeal, you can still get a Gladiator with three pedals - the six-speed manual is the true connoisseur’s choice. Paired with Jeep’s near mythical off-road prowess (nearly a foot of standard ground clearance), and available options like an in-bed power outlet, spray-in bedliner, and lots of tie-downs, the Gladiator is the perfect platform for either work or adventure - or both.

Getting the Most Out of Your Gladiator with a Bed Rack

How do you maximize the JT Gladiator’s versatility for both workday and weekend use? One easy and extremely useful upgrade is a rugged steel bed rack from Fishbone Offroad.

What Exactly is a Bed Rack?

Bed racks are usually built from steel or aluminum. Bolted to the bed rails of your pickup, they create a hooped exo-skeleton that makes for nearly endless possibilities for attachment and organization of gear and tools mounted to the rack itself. And, they still also allow for access to the bed, both from the sides and through the tailgate.


Fishbone makes bed racks for the Gladiator in two flavors - Half Tackle and Full Tackle. Built of tough, powder-coated steel, both versions are easy to install with basic hand tools and help from a friend. The difference between the Half Tackle and the Full Tackle bed racks is height. The top of the Half Tackle version sits just over 12 inches above the height of the bed rails, about half-way up the rear window. The Full Tackle bed rack’s height is even with the top of your Gladiator’s cab, almost 22 inches above the bed sides.

How Do I Use a Bed Rack?

The easy answer here is whatever your imagination can conjure up! But many people use bed racks for both work and play. On the weekday side of things, bed racks (especially the Full Tackle version) are perfect for hauling ladders, lumber, pipe, and other bulky or lengthy items. Strap a water cooler to the outside to keep a work crew hydrated, or hang hose from the inside for convenient access. Long-handled hand tools like shovels, rakes, and axes bolt easily to the side rails, and our optional top-rail add-ons build in even more possibilities.


But the fun really starts when you’re planning the build-out of a 4x4 or overland adventure rig. With a Half- or Full-Tackle bed rack as your foundation, and Fishbone accessories, like Hi-Lift jack mounts, bike rack mounts, and tie downs, the off-road world is your oyster. The Half Tackle rack is the perfect height for a roof tent - hard or soft sided. It keeps the tent down low for effortless access and a better aerodynamic profile (well, as good as you can get with a Gladiator…). You can mount fuel and water cans, shovels and axes, traction boards, and even lighting to the outside of the rack, and a bed rack makes installing a drawer storage system a snap.

Fishbone Offroad Bed Rack Specs

Let’s delve into some of the details on Fishbone’s Gladiator bed racks, both the Half Tackle and the Full Tackle.

Fishbone Offroad Half Tackle Bed Rack

  • Fits 2020 to Current JT Gladiator
  • Sits 12.5 inches high off the bed side and 30.5 inches from the bed floor to the top rail
  • Stands halfway up the rear window
  • Perfect for overlanding setups
  • Made from 1/8 inch black powder coated steel
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Safely supports up to 500 pounds (static weight rating)
  • Can be used with tonneau covers that mount on inside of bed rails, both roll-up and folding styles
  • Can bolt into existing factory bed rail or clamp onto bed side
  • Easy installation for one or two persons
  • Versatile mounting capabilities
  • $999.99 (oversize shipping charges may apply)

Fishbone Offroad Full Tackle Bed Rack

  • Fits 2020 to Current JT Gladiator
  • Sits 21-5/8 inches high off of the bed side
  • Top of the rack is level with the cab roof
  • Great utility clearance and real estate under the rack
  • Made from 1/8 inch black powder coated steel
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Safely supports up to 500 pounds (static weight rating)
  • Works with roll-up style tonneau covers
  • Can bolt into existing factory bed rail or clamp onto bed side
  • Easy installation for one or two persons
  • Versatile mounting capabilities
  • $1099.99 (oversize shipping charges may apply)


For a limited time, when you order either a Half Tackle or Full Tackle bed rack from Fishbone Offroad, we’re throwing in a Fishbone fire pit absolutely free (a $330 value)! This laser-cut 1/8-inch steel fire pit packs flat for convenient storage and transport, and keeps your campsite clean and safe by lifting the fire up off the ground and containing ash. The fire pit comes with a cooking grate, and it’s easy to clean and fun to use. Featuring the Fishbone fish logo, it turns even the most mundane campsite into adventure central.

Shop for your Fishbone Offroad bed rack today right here on our website, and feel free to reach out with any questions. We’ll see you down the trail.

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Bumper Upgrades for Your Full Size Pickup - What to Look For

Bumper Upgrades for Your Full Size Pickup - What to Look For

In the off-road community in recent years there has been a - pardon the pun - big shift toward full size trucks. Why is this? And how can a robust and well-designed off-road bumper turn your full size pickup into a tougher and more capable trail monster?

The Full Size Revolution

While there are some limitations to making your off-highway adventure vehicle a one-ton or ¾-ton pickup, such as difficulty navigating narrower trails, large turning circles, and challenging break-over angles, the advantages often outweigh these drawbacks. Bigger payloads means you can haul more stuff, including larger campers or other habitats, without shooting far past your GVW rating. Roomier cabs make for a more comfortable travel experience for both driver and passengers. More powerful engines mean less stress on drivetrains, and often better efficiency - especially with diesel motors. Manufacturers often build full size trucks with more robust driveline and suspension components compared to their mid-size cousins.

In addition, many OEMs are now offering off-road or overland-oriented trims on their full-size models right from the factory, like Trailhunter on the Toyota Tundra, the AT4 option on the GMC Sierra, Prospector for the RAM 1500, the Bison AEV package on the Chevy Silverado, and Ford’s Tremor option for the F-150. These trims often include increased ride heights, uprated shocks and springs, under-body armor, larger wheels and tires, fully-rated tow points, and locking differentials. In short, everything you need to drive off the dealer lot and straight onto your local trails. Why push a mid-size truck up to or past its limits, when a big pickup just might do the job better and with less drama?

Upgrading Your Full Size Pickup’s Bumpers

Of course, even with all these factory off-road option packages, your full-size truck can always use some key upgrades to boost its capability factor. Among these, off-road bumpers are one of the most versatile and useful mods you can make. 

A carefully engineered all-steel bumper offers several advantages over the original equipment bumper: 

  • Better approach and departure angles: Factory bumpers often include fragile plastic lips or extensions that hang below the level of the structural components of the truck’s front end. These are included to boost fuel efficiency or blend body work, but they are vulnerable to damage in more extreme terrain and restrict approach and departure angles. A well-designed off-road bumper not only improves those angles, but can shrug off impacts as well.

  • Resistance to damage: Speaking of impacts, an all-steel bumper with a tough outer coating will defend the front and rear of your truck from all kinds of hazards both on-road and off. OE plastic painted bumpers scratch and crack easily, leading to costly and inconvenient repairs that can take your truck offline for an extended period. Your off-road bumper should also be compatible with your truck’s airbag, cruise control, and parking sensors, as well as any cameras or other electronics it may have.

  • Solid recovery options: A bumper engineered for off-road use will have multiple robust and highly-rated recovery points so when things go sideways you have an array of options for safe and effective vehicle rescue.

  • Winch compatibility: Most stock bumpers won’t cut it for installing a winch, which requires extremely strong mounting points that tie in to the vehicle’s frame as well as openings designed for the fairlead and access to the winch’s controls. A solid off-road bumper should be compatible with many different winch brands.

  • Accessories: Off-road bumpers also serve as a platform for other kinds of accessories, such as the stock fog lights, aftermarket driving or auxiliary lights, shackles, bull bars, hitch receivers, spare wheel carriers, and sand dune safety flags.

  • Off-road bumpers look cool!: Hey, it’s not shameful to be a little bit vain. Beyond their functionality, an off-road bumper should blend seamlessly with the lines of your pickup and give it a unique look that stands out from the crowd.  

Bumper Crop

With these benefits of off-road bumpers in mind, wading into the aftermarket to choose one for your full size truck can be daunting with the myriad of options out there. Bumpers are also a significant investment, and they should last the life of your truck. So it pays to do some research and choose wisely.

  • Materials: Off-road bumpers generally come in two flavors: steel and aluminum. Aluminum bumpers are lighter weight, but are sometimes more vulnerable to damage, and often have lower winch ratings. Steel bumpers carry more mass, but resist impacts more easily and can carry big winches.

  • Construction: Among aftermarket bumpers, there are three common types of construction - one-piece, modular, and weld-together.
    • One-piece bumpers are easy to install (they usually bolt on), don’t have multiple components that can rattle loose over time, and tend to be ultra sturdy
    • Modular bumpers give you a range of options for building a bumper that fits your particular needs - choose the modules that make sense for your application, and leave off the ones you don’t want. This keeps things as light as possible, but maybe won’t carry as much protection as a one-piece bumper.
    • Weld-together bumpers are for the ambitious DIY truck owner, or someone looking to save on upfront expenses. The fabrication time and effort, however, can be significant (as well as the costs if you’re paying a welder), and weld-together bumpers can be more susceptible to corrosion if they aren’t coated carefully.

  • Coatings: Powder coating and paint are the most widely used coatings on off-road bumpers. Powder coating is highly rust and corrosion resistant and generally pretty tough, but chips and damage can’t be repaired except with paint. Painted coatings are thinner and will show more scratches and trail damage (badges of honor?) but are easier to touch up.

  • Installation and compatibility: A well-designed off-road bumper should not only bolt directly to your truck with no modifications or interference with the rest of the pickup’s body work, it should also be 100% compatible with all the vehicle’s electronics, especially airbag sensors. This goes for parking sensors and cameras as well, and it should have tabs or other mounting points for wire management, both for stock components as well as aftermarket add-ons.

Fishbone Offroad Has You Covered

Fishbone builds its lineup of off-road winch-compatible bumpers for full-size pickups from cold-rolled steel and are coated with a resilient rough-textured powder coat. Our bumpers are guaranteed to fit, and we provide easy to follow installation instructions with all the necessary stainless steel hardware. Most bumpers can be mounted with only basic tools and a helping hand from a friend. 

Whether you drive a Tundra, a Silverado, or a Ford F-series, Fishbone has a sharp-looking and rock solid bumper for your full size application, both front and rear, all backed by our top-notch customer service.


Additional features on Fishbone Offroad bumpers include: 

  • Light mounting: Our bumpers are designed to accept factory fog lights, should you choose to keep them, along with provisions for auxiliary light mounting and convenient tabs for wire management

  • Built-in winch plate: Integrated winch plates provide a sleek low mount for winches. By keeping the winch low inside the bumper, it will not affect air flow across the radiator.

Available winch line Fishhooks: This unique accessory helps manage winch lines and winch hooks without damaging either your bumper or your line.

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Hawse Fairlead License Plate Mount

While installing my front bumper I started to wonder where to put the license plate. I have a synthetic rope winch, so it uses the Hawse-style fairlead. I did a quick Google search for a bracket and low and behold Fishbone Offroad has the fix.

Fishbone’s Hawse Fairlead License Plate Mount stows away the fairlead while giving you a safe place for your license plate. It bolts directly to your fairlead, and flips up with its integrated hinge to access your winch line. This is a black powder coated aluminum setup, and is just the part I needed. No rust, no drilling, and it hides my winch line. Nicely done, Fishbone Offroad!

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JK Tailgate Table Highlights

JK Tailgate Table Highlights

Tailgaters just got hotter!

Introducing our Tailgate Table for your JK Wrangler!

Bust out the patty’s, buns, and drinks with this must-have adventure companion.  This 1/8in steel plate unfolds into a sturdy kitchen and storage table.  

Covered in a durable black powder coat, the table features a set of cup holders, partnered with a much need bottle opener to keep the party rollin’.  

Show off your rugged lifestyle and show everybody your tailgating parties are the best, or that fishing with a few cold ones comes before everything else!

You can install it in place of your tire carrier, or add some more flare to your interior by throwing it inside/ Keeping everything you need to prepare or hold within arm’s reach.

Pick yours up today, right here at Fishbone Offroad!

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2020 JT Gladiator Review

2020 JT Gladiator Review

Can’t decide if you like the JT Gladiator?  Keep reading for our Pros and Cons review.

Thanks for joining us here at Fishbone Offroad.  We’ve had our JT since May 2019 and there are definitely some things that we are just crazy for, and others that really make us cringe.  Hopefully we can help you figure out if this is the right Jeep for you, as we walk through and talk about what we love, is sort of so-so, and what was a total miss.

A lot of us here talked a bit about this review and one thing that each of us shared was that we disliked the way it looks out-of-the-box stock, especially the wheels.  It doesn’t really flow and the tire size and wheel design doesn’t characteristically fit. That being said, we LOVE it lifted and we would go so far as to say that it’s a must-have first purchase before any other aftermarket part.

Our package cost us $46,000, and at that price, it was hard to justify purchasing it when there are ½ , ¾ , and 1 ton base model trucks on the lot, what with the tow rating of up to 4,500 pounds and payload, 1,600 pounds.  Speaking of, the bed is 60” or so, which just briskly brushes the standard truck bed length of 68”. It’s a contender, for sure, but our previous points, again, made it hard to justify.

So then what did we buy and why should you buy in?

Firecracker Red Sport S, Automatic Transmission, Spray in bed liner, freedom top, trailer tow package, cold weather package, 7” touchscreen display w/ the alpine audio system, and the all-weather slush mats.  The list and the prices will be in the comments below, but this ran us $46,025, starting from $36,745. Compare that to a 2020 RAM 1500 which starts at $31,895, and then build from there. And since I’ve mentioned the RAM, it can tow about 3,000 pounds more, load about 1,000 pounds more, and has the option for a V8 or diesel engine.  The JT, however, as of now, runs a 3.6L V6.

So then why take the dive: Ask yourself which do you want first, a Jeep or a Truck?  Do you want a Jeep but need a truck? Or do you want a Truck but need a Jeep? It’s a strange crossbreed.  The price doesn’t make it the ideal truck, and because of its length and departure angle, it’s really not the best Jeep either.  The wheel base is great for off-road use, especially with a lift and larger tires, but the departure angles are just terrible. If you needed a truck, and for the price of the JT, there are amazing alternatives. That being said: It’s amazing how much attention this thing gets.  People are drawn to it and it gets noticed everywhere it goes. You cannot fly under the radar with this Jeep. This is definitely the vehicle to go crazy with your color selection! At the end of the day, you’re buying something that’s universally cool. We love it, you’ll love it, your kids will love it, your neighbors will, their friends will, and everybody you pass on the road will love it and take second looks, especially if you dive in and load up on the massive and prominent aftermarket scene.

So I mentioned kids loving it, so let’s talk about what we found in that regard.  It’s actually pretty decent! Car seat installation was easier and quicker than some SUVs, as told by our resident Professional Car Seat Installer and Parent of Two: Jamey.  Space was a little tight in the back but they didn’t seem to mind. But overall, his 2 and 5 year old LOVED it, and it’s the only vehicle they want to drive and be driven around in.  They called it the “Jeep Truck” and the “Smiles per Mile” were amazing. It was perfect for the Saturday soccer game and the Sunday grocery shopping.

Which is a perfect segue way to talk about the bed and the JTs length overall.  It’s very convenient having the spray in-bed liner for small trips to the store, what with the additional friction holding everything in place.  Its overall length is 218” and it fits in a standard garage without any problems. Ours has a 3.5” lift and 37” tires and as you can see here [pic] there was still no issue there either.  It’s a very comfortable ride.

All in all, forget the truck/jeep differences and all those numbered stats.  The Gladiator is great and performs perfectly as an all-around Jeep-Truck vehicle, thing.  The kids and everybody who sees it loves it and it’s a blast to drive. If you need a heavy duty workhorse for your lawn company, you’d be better off buying a proper truck.  But if you need to be able to run to the store, do some mild towing like a trailer or boat, and want to have a Jeep to customize at the same time, this thing accomplishes it perfectly!  

Our vote:

Utility: 6/10

Jeep: 10/10

Overlanding Jeep:  15/10

Amazing Head Turner: 50/10

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JL/JT Entry Guards

Have you scuffed the entry jam on your Jeep? Sick of seeing the paint slowly leave with every entrance? Fishbone Offroad has the dix for your paint loss with their JL/JT Entry Guards.

Fishbone made their entry guards out of flexible TPU plastic. This plastic is design to resist oil, grime, debris, and added traction. These are a no drill design held on by a sticky 3M adhesive tape. Fishbone’s quality and unique tread grip design shows through on these beautiful Entry Guards.

With all that said, what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and order yours today! – Jay Smalz, 2022

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Toyota Tacoma Tackle Rack

Toyota Tacoma Tackle Rack

Why do we buy trucks? There are many reasons, but the most common one is the need to haul things. From work to leisure, the more we can bring with us, the better.

For midsize trucks such as Toyota Tacomas, the need to maximize the payload capacity is paramount. Fortunately, Fishbone Offroad has the solution with their Fishbone Tackle Rack for Tacoma long and short beds.

Made from 1/8” Black Powder Coated Steel and Stainless Steel Hardware, this rack can hold up to an additional 500 pounds of cargo! As with all of Fishbone’s quality accessories, it’s simple to install. And with its adjustable rails, it provides endless mounting possibilities for work supplies and overlanding gear! 

You don’t need a bulky trailer or a bigger truck when you have a Fishbone Tackle Rack. You simply need more accessories for greater adventures!

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The Gladiator Bed Tackle Rack is a MUST HAVE Jeep Aftermarket Accessory

The Gladiator Bed Tackle Rack is a MUST HAVE Jeep Aftermarket Accessory

“What we do in life…echoes in eternity.” ​ – Maximus Decimus Meridius (Gladiator)

I couldn’t agree more with the General. Isn’t that why we choose to drive a Jeep?

And when it comes to wanting the very best for (and out of) your Jeep, many owners ​love​ to add accessories. Some to make them withstand the elements, some to simply make them more user-friendly for their specific needs, and many…just to armour them up to last.

This is when ​Fishbone Offroad​ can serve as an excellent resource to help you find what you are looking for. Today we want to share with you the Fishbone Bed Rack, that has been made specifically for the JT Jeep Gladiator. So, without further ado, here’s a bit of background and information that we hope you’ll find useful…and even inspiring.

Let’s talk about the Jeep JT Gladiator

The Jeep Gladiator is a midsize Jeep, made pickup truck, manufactured by Jeep. It was introduced in 2018 at the Los Angeles Auto Show and then became available for sale in the Spring of 2019. It is based on the same platform of the Wrangler JL and is Jeep’s first pickup style truck since the Comanche was discontinued in 1992.

The vehicle was named after the original Jeep Gladiator that was made from 1962-1988 and was known as the J-Series after 1971. The four-door five-passenger midsize Gladiator features exterior and interior styling clues from the Wrangler JL, giving it a familiarity amongst Jeep owners.

The Gladiator launch was an exciting time for all Jeep enthusiasts out there, and it gets even better.

Why do Jeep Lovers love their accessories?

There is no denying that Jeeps are uber-popular. People tend to buy one and keep it for years to come, or at least continue to stick with the famed line. One of the main reasons is the incredible aftermarket accessories that you can buy and install on to your Jeep.

Owners want their Jeeps to look good, withstand the elements, and help them tackle life’s grand adventure. Jeep enthusiasts want only the best, which is why they seek out companies like Fishbone Offroad. We provide accessories for Jeeps that are built by people who actually drive them. So they understand exactly what Jeep owners are looking for.

Fishbone Gladiator Bed Rack (Tackle Rack)

The Fishbone Tackle Rack comes in two configurations, the Half Tackle Rack and Full Tackle Rack and has been declared one of the absolute must-have aftermarket accessories that you can own for your Jeep Gladiator. It fits the 2020 to current JT Gladiator.  The Half Tackle Rack sits high at 12.5 inches off the bed side. While the Full Tackle Rack sits just over 21.5 inches off the side. They our both made from ⅛ inch black powder coated steel with stainless steel hardware…giving you the assurance that this product is made to last.

The rack safely supports 500lbs and can bolt into any existing factory bed rail, or even clamp on to the bedside… making it a flexible option to work for your needs. There are endless possibilities for the use of a Fishbone Tackle Rack that you can add to the Jeep Gladiator, making it a versatile and very useful aftermarket accessory to consider adding to yours.

Our Gladiator Bed Rack is easy to install and comes with everything that you could possibly need to add it to your Jeep Gladiator. It is priced at just $799.99 and is available online​. There are even extensive YouTube videos on the website to help you install the product and gather more information about it!

Who is Fishbone Offroad?

One day when walking from our warehouse to the office an employee noticed something crazy… there was a fish on the roof of the building. It became an office joke as we discussed who would be climbing onto the roof to remove it.

The fish was sort of became our unofficial company mascot and as we went through potential company names, Fishbone kept coming back. It stuck both on the roof and as the name of the company and will now be with us forever.

In short, we are Enthusiasts who use our Jeeps as daily drivers, hardcore offroad rigs and we have gone through the same Jeep build progression that every Jeep owner experiences. This gives us extensive knowledge to help us create the type of aftermarket accessories we know Jeep owners will want, love and need for their current models.

Because of these experiences we make sure our products are jig fitted during the manufacturing process because like you, we want the installation to go as easy as possible. This is why we also give you full instructions on how to install each product and also give you everything that you need to ensure that you can install the accessories easily.

What do we stand for? We want to ensure that we can supply high quality and affordable accessories for your Jeep. What makes us unique is that we want to supply easy to install aftermarket products from Jeep enthusiasts, for Jeep enthusiasts, so that you can continue to get the best out of your vehicles each and everyday.

The Fishbone Tackle Rack is one of the most sought after accessories that you can get for the very recently launched Jeep Gladiator. It is one of those accessories that will continue to enable you to add to your Gladiator and make it more user-friendly than it currently stands today. It is simple and yet effective, and could be a great addition to your Jeep as you continue to add to it.

Thankfully, with YouTube videos and details on our website, you will be well informed on how it could be a great investment to make.

In conclusion

What we have found is that Jeep enthusiasts and owners want high quality and easy to use aftermarket accessories that they can add to their Jeeps. They want their vehicles to be able to withstand any of the elements that are thrown at them and to make them easy to use.

The Jeep Gladiator is back and giving other pickup trucks a run for their money, making it likely to become a strong contender in all aspects of construction, working life as well as being a popular option for Jeep lovers who want that little bit more from their vehicle. For more information about this accessory and others that we can offer, head over to our website.

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JL/JT Cowl Light Brackets Highlights

JL/JT Cowl Light Brackets Highlights

If you’re an avid night rider or just like lighting up your competition, then keep reading to hear about our latest lighting solution for your JL and Gladiator!

We here at Fishbone HQ believe a light bar is an essential piece to any rig.  But mounting it to the top leaves your hood empty and barren and also makes it harder to see during rain storms at night.

Introducing our Cowl Light Bar brackets

These steel and foam padded mounts are perfect points for your favorite cube lights, or a 40 to 42 inch light bar.

And if you have our light bar brackets, these install right on top, doubling your lighting potential.

They’re black powder coated, and they install easily without drilling to your 18 Wrangler and the 2020 Gladiator.

Pick yours up today, right here at Fishbone Offroad. 

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Fishbone Polyurethane Power

Fishbone Polyurethane Power

After recently attending a local off-road park, I concluded that not one vehicle I saw was void of some type of modification. Modifying Jeeps and Trucks is almost a necessity for outdoor adventure seekers, but not all mods are the same.

I saw everything from massive builds, rendering the vehicle unrecognizable to its original design, to simple modifications that were designed to represent the owner’s personality and style. I also saw the impact of modifying with inferior parts. In my opinion, it’s not an upgrade if your parts leave you stranded on the trails, and I witnessed plenty rescue missions on this trip.

The most common problems seemed to come from Jeeps and Trucks where the owners wanted to add a little lift.  But instead of high-quality products, they went with cheap budget kits.

Fishbone Offroad’s polyurethane lift kits, leveling kits, and coil spring spacers, are virtually indestructible, and affordable. Made in the USA from High Density Polyurethane, these lift products are built to last and are offered at a price point to fit anyone’s budget.

Lift with Fishbone and hit the trails with confidence. But make sure you have recovery gear. There is a good number of fellow trail riders that will need your help if they chose an inferior kit. I would advise taking that time to tell them about Fishbone Offroad’s Polyurethane lift products.

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JL Rocker Guards Highlights

JL Rocker Guards Highlights

If your Jeep Wrangler JL is a trail blazer or your rig is lifted with new tires, then keep reading to hear about our latest JL upgrade to keep your Jeep Wrangler JL looking like new.

Introducing the Fishbone Offroad Rocker Guards and Step Sliders for 2 Door and 4 Door Jeep Wrangler JL's.

Hardcore trail riders understand that tall rocks are your body’s worst enemy. One wrong turn could send dents and scratches up your rocker panels and doors.  These 2in steel tube guards mount easily to factory locations to provide extra protection against rough terrain.

They’re black powder coated for extra protection and we have two door and four door version covered.

Pick yours up today, right here and here at Fishbone Offroad.

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JT Rear Bumper Reveal

JT Rear Bumper Reveal

It Starts

Last December (nearly two years ago, now) we started bringing up the JT Gladiator into our weekly meetings.  We started each session with a simple question, “How do we see our brand on this?” Myself and the engineers would draw and draw and draw… Aesthetics, functionality, utility… All of these things we looked at.  We all had opinions, but there was one thing we all approved on: “The utility was up to the driver, but the look was up to us.” So let’s start from the top, or rather the rear, as it were. Of one of the best ways to show the world that you own a 2020 JT Gladiator.

The Tailgate and You

Drivers often prioritize the front or hood of the vehicle.  First impressions are the most impactful, afterall. The problem with this though is that oncoming traffic is fleeting.  Forgetful. Quick. There is by far more real estate on the rear of the vehicle that, if you were in the aftermarket scene, would be far more efficient at forcing stares of envy!  Traffic isn’t getting any lighter after all.

If you read our review, you know that the JT isn’t great at off-roading.  This is simply because of its (too long) length ; a value that has been long agreed to be mastered by the LJ.  So we decided to design a rear bumper that follows our style, but also added the least amount of drag to its utility.  

Introducing our Rear Mako Bumper for the JT Gladiator (Part# FB22149).  Lovers of our Mako series will easily recognize the distinct angles that pull the eye from the front of the vehicle to the rear.  Additionally, we didn’t want the rear to be an object on its own.

We at Fishbone HQ believe that your Jeep is a lot like a tattoo: an extension of yourself.  So when we were developing this bumper, we made sure that it worked in tandem with the rest of the series, while also making an impact worthy of head turning and show stopping!

It’s designed entirely around factory functionality and measurements, meaning it supports your utility first above all else.  Simply put, we made sure to include, hitch, lighting, and power into the design. Combined with the installation instructions that we included with every product, we ensure that you can simply plug and play, meaning less time at home and more time getting stuff done!

Everything you would expect is included: sensor deletes, d-rings, spaces for plate lights.  Whether you have the backup sensor model or not, our one-stop package is there to help you make the biggest impact on the road or trail.

If there is any one thing that we recommend you check out before pulling the trigger, it would have to be our Mako Front Bumper.  We designed the front and rear together, so we can guarantee they look amazing together! Seriously. The best impact is fast, quick, and thoughtful.

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