JT Rear Bumper Reveal

JT Rear Bumper Reveal

It Starts

Last December (nearly two years ago, now) we started bringing up the JT Gladiator into our weekly meetings.  We started each session with a simple question, “How do we see our brand on this?” Myself and the engineers would draw and draw and draw… Aesthetics, functionality, utility… All of these things we looked at.  We all had opinions, but there was one thing we all approved on: “The utility was up to the driver, but the look was up to us.” So let’s start from the top, or rather the rear, as it were. Of one of the best ways to show the world that you own a 2020 JT Gladiator.

The Tailgate and You

Drivers often prioritize the front or hood of the vehicle.  First impressions are the most impactful, afterall. The problem with this though is that oncoming traffic is fleeting.  Forgetful. Quick. There is by far more real estate on the rear of the vehicle that, if you were in the aftermarket scene, would be far more efficient at forcing stares of envy!  Traffic isn’t getting any lighter after all.

If you read our review, you know that the JT isn’t great at off-roading.  This is simply because of its (too long) length ; a value that has been long agreed to be mastered by the LJ.  So we decided to design a rear bumper that follows our style, but also added the least amount of drag to its utility.  

Introducing our Rear Mako Bumper for the JT Gladiator (Part# FB22149).  Lovers of our Mako series will easily recognize the distinct angles that pull the eye from the front of the vehicle to the rear.  Additionally, we didn’t want the rear to be an object on its own.

We at Fishbone HQ believe that your Jeep is a lot like a tattoo: an extension of yourself.  So when we were developing this bumper, we made sure that it worked in tandem with the rest of the series, while also making an impact worthy of head turning and show stopping!

It’s designed entirely around factory functionality and measurements, meaning it supports your utility first above all else.  Simply put, we made sure to include, hitch, lighting, and power into the design. Combined with the installation instructions that we included with every product, we ensure that you can simply plug and play, meaning less time at home and more time getting stuff done!

Everything you would expect is included: sensor deletes, d-rings, spaces for plate lights.  Whether you have the backup sensor model or not, our one-stop package is there to help you make the biggest impact on the road or trail.

If there is any one thing that we recommend you check out before pulling the trigger, it would have to be our Mako Front Bumper.  We designed the front and rear together, so we can guarantee they look amazing together! Seriously. The best impact is fast, quick, and thoughtful.