Fishbone Polyurethane Power

Fishbone Polyurethane Power

After recently attending a local off-road park, I concluded that not one vehicle I saw was void of some type of modification. Modifying Jeeps and Trucks is almost a necessity for outdoor adventure seekers, but not all mods are the same.

I saw everything from massive builds, rendering the vehicle unrecognizable to its original design, to simple modifications that were designed to represent the owner’s personality and style. I also saw the impact of modifying with inferior parts. In my opinion, it’s not an upgrade if your parts leave you stranded on the trails, and I witnessed plenty rescue missions on this trip.

The most common problems seemed to come from Jeeps and Trucks where the owners wanted to add a little lift.  But instead of high-quality products, they went with cheap budget kits.

Fishbone Offroad’s polyurethane lift kits, leveling kits, and coil spring spacers, are virtually indestructible, and affordable. Made in the USA from High Density Polyurethane, these lift products are built to last and are offered at a price point to fit anyone’s budget.

Lift with Fishbone and hit the trails with confidence. But make sure you have recovery gear. There is a good number of fellow trail riders that will need your help if they chose an inferior kit. I would advise taking that time to tell them about Fishbone Offroad’s Polyurethane lift products.