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In the off-road community in recent years there has been a - pardon the pun - big shift toward full size trucks. Why is this? And how can a robust and well-designed off-road bumper turn your full size pickup into a tougher and more capable trail monster?

The Full Size Revolution

While there are some limitations to making your off-highway adventure vehicle a one-ton or ¾-ton pickup, such as difficulty navigating narrower trails, large turning circles, and challenging break-over angles, the advantages often outweigh these drawbacks. Bigger payloads means you can haul more stuff, including larger campers or other habitats, without shooting far past your GVW rating. Roomier cabs make for a more comfortable travel experience for both driver and passengers. More powerful engines mean less stress on drivetrains, and often better efficiency - especially with diesel motors. Manufacturers often build full size trucks with more robust driveline and suspension components compared to their mid-size cousins.

In addition, many OEMs are now offering off-road or overland-oriented trims on their full-size models right from the factory, like Trailhunter on the Toyota Tundra, the AT4 option on the GMC Sierra, Prospector for the RAM 1500, the Bison AEV package on the Chevy Silverado, and Ford’s Tremor option for the F-150. These trims often include increased ride heights, uprated shocks and springs, under-body armor, larger wheels and tires, fully-rated tow points, and locking differentials. In short, everything you need to drive off the dealer lot and straight onto your local trails. Why push a mid-size truck up to or past its limits, when a big pickup just might do the job better and with less drama?