Rear Bumper Braces


  • Fits 84-01 XJ Cherokee
  • Made from Uncoated Steel
  • Adds lower frame rail, thread-able bolt-hole locations
  • Reinforces the rear bumper mounting faces for heavier bumpers
  • Removes the need for using nut plates for heavier bumpers. Install once, and leave it in for life!
  • Requires cutting into the body
As your XJ goes up in age, certain parts of the vehicle may fail, greatly reducing what you can install from its vast aftermarket scene.

Our Rear Bumper Braces reinvigorate your mounting points, both providing more rigidity and lower frame rail bolt-holes.  Allowing you to install and uninstall heavier aftermarket bumpers in a flash, without the need to fiddle with nut plates!

Installation Instructions
Downloadable PDF: FB26266 Installation Instructions