Fishbone Offroad 2005-Current Toyota Tacoma Bed Stiffener Tie Down Brackets FB21290


Enhance the durability and performance of your Toyota Tacoma's bed with the Bed Stiffener Tie Down Brackets designed for the tailgate end. In the world of off-road adventures, your truck's bed faces substantial stress and strain, particularly at the tailgate, making this upgrade indispensable for those who demand reliability and longevity.

The bed of your truck relies on approximately six bolts for support, and as you conquer rugged trails and rocky terrains, these bolts wear down over time, allowing bed panels to flex and torque. This wear and tear can lead to liners and tailgates loosening and potentially falling off. Our Bed Stiffener Tie Down Brackets provide a tailored solution to this challenge by adding critical rigidity precisely where it's needed most—on the tailgate.

Strategically positioned just inside the tailgate, these Brackets offer not only torque resistance but also convenient utility latch points. Whether you're tackling challenging mountain trails or gearing up for a tailgating event, these Bed Stiffener Tie Down Brackets are a must-have for every Tacoma.

Installation Instructions

Downloadable PDF: FB21290 Installation Instructions

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning